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Stance on the infamous Cam Newton interview

Grant Anschuetz
Slump Sports Blogger

Cam Newton is still good for the game of football.

I recently wrote a longer and more in depth article about Newton, and why I felt critics should back off of him. Well, he gave critics a new reason to criticize him and probably gained a few more haters. Although I’m not here to say the actions of Newton in his post Super Bowl interview demand applause, I do think they weren’t not as bad as most people made them out to be.

Newton could have done three things in this interview.
1. He could have answered all of the questions with actual substance
2. He could have done what he did – leave the press conference
3. He could have made comments about the game that he’d regret forever (use your imagination)

See, Newton (like any competitive person that just lost the biggest game of their career) was most likely upset and angry with the outcome of the game, and we all know we’ve said things we didn’t really mean when we have those emotions. So instead of making regret-filled statements, he chose to simply walk away from the podium.

In a way, Newton displayed some maturity by leaving the room. Obviously, the most mature response would have been to walk in with his head held high and answer the media’s questions with his honest opinion. That’s not reality. However, that’s what people wanted from him.

Two days after the Super Bowl, Newton dropped a classic quote when asked about how he conducted himself in the interview: “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.”

Newton is going to be himself and not care what others think. That’s reality.

On another note, Newton’s post-game interview was the highlight of this Super Bowl. That just goes to show you how boring of a game it actually was.


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