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Rough Monday? Make it a Great Monday by Watching the 2016 Dunk Contest Highlights Again.

zach lavine
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports: Zach LaVine in the 2016 NBA Dunk Contest

Grant Anschuetz
Slump Sports Blogger

The only highlights you need to see belong to Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine. Andre Drummond and Will Barton didn’t quite make the cut. Sit down. Relax. Enjoy.

LaVine’s first dunk. Only a warm up.

The first of three dunks that involve that mascot. (The other two are even better)

The first of three dunks from the free throw line. They may all be more impressive than Jordan’s.

Told you they get better. Note: how he is able to cup the ball out of the mascots hand while spinning… Incredible… It was real

THE BEST DUNK OF THE NIGHT HANDS DOWN. Simply testing the laws of gravity. This dunk should have won Gordon the competition right then and there.

An impressive answer by LaVine. He seems to suspend in air… By far his best dunk from the free throw line.

Nothing quite like free dunks, which is what we got when LaVine and Gordon went into overtime (so keep in mind they are most likely doing these dunks without any prior planning). This dunk was extremely underrated in my opinion (I can only dunk on 9 foot rims), but my point is based off of the fact that no one has ever done as extreme of a double pump as that. He took that ball from the back of his head all the way to his shins.

The dunk that won LaVine the competition. The free throw line had been his best friend all night, so why not jump from it one more time? Technically, his had one whole foot inside of the free throw line on takeoff, but he went between the legs so that can be overlooked. Overall, it was probably the greatest dunk contest of all time. I have Aaron Gordon as the winner, but maybe that’s why I’m not a judge.

By the way, during a timeout in the All Star Game, Jordan Kilganon (a dude wearing jeans and a bro tank) may have pulled off an even better dunk… Overall, a great weekend for slam dunks.


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