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A Defense Of Grayson Allen (Sort Of)

grayson allen trip

Grant Anschuetz
Slump Sports Blogger

Duke star Grayson Allen is in the headlines again after tripping another player last night.

Although I’m not here to condone tripping players, I also don’t condone the bias of the coverage about this event last night.

In order to understand what I mean, let’s first look at Allen’s first tripping offense against Louisville.

There isn’t a real defense to this one. Allen simply went to the floor, felt he was fouled, was upset and took his anger out on a Louisville player with a flick of the foot. A very immature move that created the unjust buzz around this next tripping incident.

First and foremost, yes, Allen did trip this player. However, FSU player Xavier Rathan-Mayes can be seen walking up to Allen, nudging him a bit and then pulling on his arm before he attempted to run down the court.

For me, this one is on Rathan-Mayes. Your team is down by 15 points with 5 seconds left. Why are you trying to instigate something? THE GAME IS OVER. I know it looks like you care more if you play hard at the end of a game that is all but over but trying to get under the skin of an opposing player is pointless.

This was a game of cat-and-mouse and Allen had the upper-hand, or I guess foot in this case.

The problem is, media outlets decided to use images like the cover photo for this story and videos below to portray the incident.

The problem with that? Well, there is no context in either of these situations. You can clearly see Allen lifting his back leg up in the photo, but you don’t see Rathan-Mayes bumping him moments before. In the video, you have no idea how much time is left in the game and what is the score. The effort to make Allen a certified villain was clear. But that’s not too terrible because everyone knows sports are more exciting with a villain.

By the way, Allen was simply trying to follow in the footsteps of a former Duke star:

Let’s not forget that Allen has also been on the other end of these things this year too:

I know I know, this was just payback from the trip earlier in the year, but still, an elbow to the nose is a bit worse than a trip.

By the way again, if you’re going to make headlines for borderline dirty play, at least go big or go home:

(4:42) is the best takedown in my opinion, also see:

As the announcer sums it, “And now let’s watch it.”

Basketball certainly has changed. Now an instigated trip makes you a villain.

Somewhat related:

It’ll be interesting to see how this Allen incident affects the Cruz campaign:




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