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Boston College Sports Just Really Suck


It has never been done by a division one team, that is lose every single conference game in football and basketball. The Boston College Eagles are just one game away from becoming known as losers nationwide. The Eagles football and basketball teams have combined for 0 wins this year and it leaves people to wonder, why are they so bad?

Boston College football has a proud tradition. They have had many great players that have come out of that program such as Matt Ryan, Luke Kuechly, BJ Raji, and Anthony Castonzo. However, the team has changed a lot since the 1984 Hail Flutie pass. The team has had trouble recruiting high profile players in southern regions, with the bulk of recruits wanting to play for teams like Clemson, North Carolina, or in the SEC. This past year the Eagles had a top 5 ranked defense, wearing down opponents with a unique and talented linebacker corps.

Despite that great defense, the Eagles couldn’t find one guy who could consistently move the ball, starting 4 quarterbacks throughout the season and A FREAKING WALK-ON vs Notre Dame. It was a pitiful year for BC football but an even worse  year for basketball.

The BC basketball team’s season started off with an interesting twist as 8 players were infected with the Chipotle Norovirus (They played Providence and affected Kris Dunn sidelining him for a few games). The rest of the season has just been awful resulting in a blowout loss in nearly every single game they have played. Seriously though 17 of their 23 losses have been by more than 10 points, and 12 by more than 15.

The Eagles sit at 7-23 (0-17 ACC) and have  one last shot to win this Saturday when they take on Clemson in their season finale. Lets hope that for their sake Clemson gives them a pity victory and BC can party like its 1984 or they still have Reggie Jackson.


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