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Richard Sherman Calls Roger Goodell a “Suit”


Philip Tor | Slump Sports Blogger Who Also Hates Roger Goodell

Do you guys smell that? It smells like somethings burning…

That smell is the smell of Roger Goodell’s  face being burned at the stake. The time has come to incite insurrection. Everyone knows Goodell is a joke and does not deserve a cent of his salary because he has not done a damn thing. He keeps talking about how he wants to uphold the integrity of the game, but contradicts that statement with everything that he does.

Honestly this guy is a snake and a liar and I’m glad people outside New England are now beginning to realize this. He has overstepped his boundaries, and in my opinion, is ruining the game of football for the audience that tunes in every week.

These new rule changes are extremely dumb. Especially the one about personal fouls because of how that penalty has changed. The game has become softer and softer as the years go by. These referees can barely handle a simple pass interference or a catch call, how can we trust them to decide a personal foul? Obviously the players like Vontaze Burfict and James Harrison get these penalties all the time but they are playing probably the most competitive sport on the planet. You cant expect these players to police themselves with all that adrenaline (and possibly other things) running through them.

Sherman also brings up a great point in this interview.

Sidebar: Even though I am a diehard Patriots fan, I absolutely love Richard Sherman. He doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind and never lets something get in his way. The fact that he called out Goodell also helps.

Sherman was asked about the catch rule and he responded with a quote that sounded something like

“Why don’t we let Jerry Rice or Michael Irvin decide what a catch is? Why leave rules up to people that have never played at our level? Why leave such an important thing to a bunch of suit? Maybe they can help decide what is a catch and what isn’t”

Beautiful. Just so perfect because it makes so much sense. It really does though, with all the problems the NFL sees it would make a ton of sense to let former players chime in and help resolve these frustrating conflicts. Just for [poops] and giggles I looked up the NFL rulebook to see what was determined as a catch and it was the most confusing 10 minutes of my life. The thing is the most confusing document I have ever laid eyes. I actually gave up because I couldn’t find the right answer so this is my two cents on this whole thing.

First off get rid of Goodell… now, seriously though. Then rewrite the rulebook piece by piece. Revise it all, penalties, punishment, regulations, everything. This time take into account players personal input about the matter and what they believe the rules should be. Sherman is right, this game should not be changed by a bunch of businessmen in suits trying to make money.

But seriously though its time to FIRE GOODELL






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