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Time to Jump on the Buddy Hield Bandwagon


I never thought it would happen, but it has.

I am officially jumping on the Buddy Hield bandwagon.

Most people have already jumped in on the Buddy magic, but it took a while for me. I saw his highlights throughout the season, and after he dropped 46 in the first Kansas game i started to watch any Oklahoma game I could.

The thing that makes Buddy so fun to watch is how you never know what he is going to do. He is just electric in transition and I absolutely LOVE when he pushes the ball off a rebound and pulls up and nails a three. He knows he is going to light you up and so do his opponents.

Buddy Hield

It took me a while because I thought Oklahoma was only good because of him. I thought that if you shut down Buddy Hield than they suck, which is kind of correct, for example the last game of the season vs West Virginia, he played 37 minutes and only had 6 points in the 69-67 loss. But then in his first three games in the tournament I had the inkling that you cant stop Buddy Hield.

Seriously though, the man cannot be stopped. 37 vs Oregon? The Ducks had a defense that dominated the PAC-12, and Buddy ran right through them. 8-13 from deep and 13-20 from the field.

So now I’m on the Buddy train and hopefully that train takes him straight to a National Championship, then to a number 3 overall selection in the NBA draft to the Boston Celtics.


I’m still trying to figure out how I never heard of this guy before this season. Hield is a senior now and even though I watch a lot of college basketball I had literally never heard his name. He averaged 16.5 and 17.4 then 25.4 this year. It’s not like Grayson Allen who barely played, this guy was good. I guess I just have to pay closer attention.

Wait now I know why I didn’t hear about him…

Iowa State @ Oklahoma  January 11, 2014

Fact: If you are in college and you have braces, no one will take you seriously. Even if you are Buddy Hield.


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