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Deflategate Update

PHILIP TOR | SLUMP SPORTS BLOGGAH Pats fans, we are now at DEFCOM a trillion. I had a gut feeling that snake Roger Goodell, who has put us Patriots fans through a living hell the past year and a half, would reinstate Brady’s suspension. But no, he once again has to prove he…… Continue reading Deflategate Update

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Thoughts on the D-Backs New Unis

PHILIP TOR | SLUMP SPORTS BLOGGAH As an avid uniform critic, I dont know how I let the Arizona Diamondbacks new uniforms slip right past me this offseason!! I love new uniforms and designs for teams that suck or especially for teams with really bad unis or colors. Like the Seahawks old tealish colored jerseys…… Continue reading Thoughts on the D-Backs New Unis

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Boston Sports Mount Rushmore

PHILIP TOR | SLUMP SPORTS BLOGGAH Today I was asked the question “Who is on the Boston sports Mount Rushmore?” and although the answer seems pretty obvious, the question completely turned me inside out. I got into so many screaming matches with myself. This question literally drove me insane, so lets get into it. First…… Continue reading Boston Sports Mount Rushmore