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Trevor. Story.


Grant Anschuetz | Slump Sports Blogger

Trevor. Story. You may have heard that name being discussed over the past few days. Whether it be on a social media trending page or in conversations throughout the day. If you haven’t heard that name yet then…

WAKE UP! Story has hit SIX home runs in his first FOUR major league games. That’s right, he is a rookie for the Colorado Rockies and has already re-written the record books.

The immediate question here is: Can he sustain this success or is he just a fluke?

After doing some analysis of his swing (which means watching the limited number of footage that exists of him in his first four games), I believe that Story will be great.

I’m not going to throw the cliches of “he has great potential” or “if he works hard, he’ll have a chance to have a long career.” I’ll flat out say that Story will be one of the top shortstops in the league soon. Right up there with Carlos Correa.

I could certainly be wrong about this, but I find his swing to be intriguing. How so?

Well, take a look for yourself first.



What stands out to me is the way he glides with his front foot as he strides. This is often referred to as “riding the skateboard”. He slowly creates separation by striding like that, and it really allows him to stay firm on that back leg. From there, his timing has obviously been phenomenal, and he explodes forward. The swing is just picture perfect smooth.

Continue to keep an eye on Story moving forward. And if he is great, remember who predicted it first. If he is a bust, well I’ll take the loss on this one then.

P.S. Balls notoriously fly out of Colorado’s home field because of the thin air, so it is a match made in heaven.


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