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Boston Sports Mount Rushmore



Today I was asked the question “Who is on the Boston sports Mount Rushmore?” and although the answer seems pretty obvious, the question completely turned me inside out. I got into so many screaming matches with myself. This question literally drove me insane, so lets get into it.

First things first, 4 spots on the mountain, 4 major sports in Boston. Does every sport have to be represented? On the picture above could I swap out Orr for Bird? Mind boggling am I right? Well the answer is no. 4 sports, 1 player from each teams history.

To cope with my insanity I decided to make a bunch of different sets of mount rushmores, each with a different stipulation to help make my decision for the ultimate mountain.


Brady is the obvious choice here with 4 super bowls with the Pats. Russell another obvious choice with 11 championships and 2 as a coach. Hooper is the name that only true Red Sox historians will know. I know of him because of a book my Dad bought me for my second birthday, and I know that he won 4 rings with the sox in their early 1900’s run. He holds the record for most rings won by a BoSox player and swung one hell of a bat (2,466 hits). Orr won two cups for the Bruins in the early 70’s and to be honest I dont know any other players on that roster


Only changes here are Bird and Williams. Bird was a naturally born basketball player. Blessed with that smooth jumpshot and charged with the toughness and passion, Bird was just a natural at the game. Plain and simple. Williams, like Bird, was a natural at the game. He could do masterful things with a bat and showed that during his illustrious career in Boston. Being last player to bat above .400 shows how skilled he really was and leads people to ponder what he could have done if he didn’t lose a few prime years of his career due to war.


This section would only make sense to a die hard Boston fan (me), but its basically what I’ve heard or seen these guys do for the fans and what the fans think of them. My Dad tells me stories of Andre Tippett and his dominant pass rush and thunderous tackles. I also see Tippett jerseys worn by fans in Gillette. Same goes with Havlicek, Orr and Varitek. All these guys played a majority of their careers in Boston and all served the fans well.


The first 3 are obvious but I really dont know who to put for the Bruins becasue who knows what clutch is in hockey. I mean I guess I could put Tim Thomas in because of what he did in the 2011 Stanley Cup run, but other than that he did crap so I just dont know.


These guys are my guys, the players I grew up watching and now they are all old and dried out (except Bergy) so Phil is sad. Each of these guys deserves their recognition, each of the having won a title for Boston in the last decade. All these guys are loved by Boston and will all one day hold there places in the hall of fame (hopefully on Ortiz). I really consider myself lucky to have been able to watch these guys through the prime of their careers.

So here we go my official Boston Sports Mt. Rushmore is…

  RED SOX          CELTICS          PATRIOTS          BRUINS
T. Williams         L. Bird             T. Brady              B. Orr

Honorable mention:

Red Sox: Yaz, Pedro, Fisk, Ortiz
Celtics: Pierce, KG, Russell, Parish, Heinsohn
Patriots: Belichick, Tippett, Brown, Hannah, Vinatieri
Bruins: Bourque, Neely, Shore, Bergeron


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