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Deflategate Update


Pats fans, we are now at DEFCOM a trillion.

I had a gut feeling that snake Roger Goodell, who has put us Patriots fans through a living hell the past year and a half, would reinstate Brady’s suspension. But no, he once again has to prove he has the big swinging stick in the NFL. He has to toss away any human emotions and characteristics he has and continue to be a complete schmuck. He is becoming more and more one of those guys that I would love to see get pooped on by 30 birds at once (one of my biggest fears).

I don’t get why he won’t let this go already, he lost, Brady won. I feel like the only reason he continues to cling onto this issue is because he refuses to lose. He is not man enough to admit he was wrong about the whole thing. He continues to prove that he is an egotistical, psychotic idiot who does not deserve the office in which he serves.

The situation is completely different now than last year. It seems as if Brady will have to serve the suspension because of the time the legal process will take. This means that the Patriots high powered offense will most likely be left to the boy wonder, Jimmy Garoppolo. Jimmy G will be entering his third season in the pros after breaking records at Eastern Illinois University. Bill has said Jimmy is developing fast, but still he is no Tom Brady.

Even though Brady being on the field gives the Patriots the best chance to win, Garoppolo is not a bad second choice. He knows the offense, having worked under Brady for two years, and getting some good reps in during the preseason. He has shown some great characteristics in the limited time he has seen. He really does look like a young Brady sitting back in the pocket fearless while going through his progressions. He can step up and gun the ball down field with his strong throwing arm. The only upgrade that Jimmy G has over Brady is his legs. Jimmy isn’t going to take some of the sacks Brady would because he has the ability to scramble. Jimmy’s got some decent speed (4.97 40 yd dash) that he showed in college and in the combine.

Jimmy is also leading an offense that is perfect for a young quarterback. He has a corps of great targets, an improved offensive line, and a running back to help him move the ball downfield. Edelman, Amendola, and newly acquired Chris Hogan (all pretty much the same player) can run underneath routes and quick stick routes to get the ball out of Garoppolo’s hands early. He also has Dion Lewis coming back from injury who makes plays on HB screens and check downs, and when they want to run the ball LeGarrate Blount will hopefully be available to pound it between the tackles (If he takes the bricks out of his cleats).

Oh and I forgot to mention, he has these two beasts on the ends

There is no better asset to a young quarterback than a big tight end to target over the middle. You see it all the time with young QB’s (Delanie Walker and Mariota last year) who shake in the pocket and need someone to throw too.

The schedule the first 4 games is tough with traveling to ARI week 1 to facing Chandler Jones and the Cardinals, one of the best teams in the league. I’m not scared of the Dolphins, Texans, or Jets although they will all play the Patriots very well. Worst case scenario is the Pats fall to 0-4 and Brady comes back, wins 12 straight and we win another Super Bowl.

Best case scenario, the United States of America and justice swoops down to save the golden boy and the Patriots run the table and win super bowl 51.

See that’s why I’m not worried, I know no matter what the Patriots will be back in the Super Bowl or at least the playoffs.






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