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Next Steps for the Celtics

A tough week in Boston sports continues as the Celtics fell to the Hawks 104-92 Thursday and the Hawks clinched the series, winning 4 games to 2. The Celtics were battered with injuries down the stretch with pretty much all their guys ailing in some way. Losing Avery Bradley stunk and when Isaiah Thomas rolled his ankle it was all pretty much over. The good news for the Celtics is they get a head start on their highly anticipated offseason (not to mention a higher draft pick).

The Celtics have all sorts of assets and picks that make this offseason really really exciting. Danny Ainge has been holding out on making a big move for a while now. He passed on the trade deadline and making a big move last offseason and instead stock piled more picks and players to hopefully make a move this year.

This is the time to make a move Danny. Lets go over what the Celtics have in their system that could help them make a big trade or signing this offseason.

  • Isaiah Thomas
    • A budding superstar, Thomas is a point guard on the rise who can be used to attract other big name players. He has proven he can score and distribute, but he doesn’t have many players to distribute too. He needs help in the scoring department and there are a lot of players on the market who can fill that need. A player like Jimmy Butler or Kevin Durant paired with Isaiah can be the difference to the Celtics success.


  • Brad Stevens
    • The soon to be best coach in the business. Stevens has earned himself a great reputation amongst the NBA’s best with his coaching the past 3 years. He took a team that should’ve won 35 games, maybe, and turned them into a candidate for a 3 seed. People want to play for Brad, and I don’t blame them. His style is top notch and can draw up some mean plays. Hopefully the C’s lock this guy up for a while because if he keeps improving he can become on of the greatest coaches in NBA history. Get this guy some players and he can do some damage


  • Young prospects
    • Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk, Terry Rozier, Marcus Smart, Jared Sullinger, James Young, Tyler Zeller, Jae Crowder. All these guys are great great role players. The thing is the Celtics have enough role and bench players. These guys can be moved to a team looking for depth and an upgraded bench and they are all pretty cheap players. A package of these guys could be traded for the superstar the Celtics need.
  • Draft Picks
    • 2016 First Round Picks
      • Brooklyn
      • Dallas
      • Celtics (Own Pick)
    • 2016 Second Round Picks
      • Cleveland
      • Memphis
      • Miami
      • Minnesota
      • Philadelphia
    • 2017 First Round Picks
      • Brooklyn
    • All these picks are worth more than they seem. The Celtics have 8 picks in the 2016 draft, the most in recent history. I cannot say enough how valuable these picks are, they can be packaged up with a player to secure a higher pick or player. A lot of teams are in the rebuilding phase and could look to the Celtics to help them climb up the board.

Now lets see what the Celtics can make of the arsenal they have assembled.

  • Kevin Durant
    • The Big Prize in a relatively weak free agent class. The Celtics should be making an all out push to get Durant in Beantown. He is the perfect fit for Stevens offense and would pair great with Isaiah as he is a gifted scorer and can play all over the floor. Although it will be a hard sell with the all the attractive destinations, Durant should be giving Boston a good look this offseason


  • Al Horford
    • I love this guy man. He is just a great player, he can get it done in so many ways. He can put up 30 points if he needs to, play shut down defense, and he just added a 3 point shot to make his game even more dynamic. He knows the game and him and Brad would kill it in Boston. Just think of the pick and roll game with him and Isaiah, unstoppable especially with that 3 point shot. A possible front court of Horford, Amir Johnson, and Jared Sullinger could help the little guys in the back make some more plays.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Indiana Pacers

  • Andre Drummond
    • Another great center who the Celtics could use to bolster the front court. This guy would add some swagger and attitude to the C’s. Definitely can hold his own on defense and can be an effective scorer on offense. I don’t know how likely it is that he comes to Boston, but his talent and size would be a huge upgrade.
  • Trade for Jimmy Butler, Demarcus Cousins, or Kevin Love
    • Danny’s got the assets and these guys have been on the trade block for a long long time. It’s time to make something happen for the boys. C’s fans have been waiting for BOOOOGIIEEEE but it feels like that ship has sailed. The Celtics nearly had Jimmy Butler in a deadline deal with the Bulls, but the C’s refused to add rising star Jae Crowder in the deal. Kevin Love is an interesting name this offseason. If Cleveland loses for a second straight season to the Warriors they will most likely change things up AKA trade one of the big 3 and the one who obviously fits the least in that system in Kevin Love. It’s an interesting scenario but it’s not likely a deal will get done.


  • Trading up to get Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram
    • Trading up is the most unlikely option for the C’s because they have spent so much time rebuilding and it wouldn’t make much sense to wait and develop a rookie. With that being said, Ben Simmons or Ingram are once in a decade players. They both possess unique skill sets and can be superstars with a few years of experience. The downside is it will take a lot to pry those picks away from whoever gets them.
    • ben-simmons-lsu-tigers-dunk.vresize.1200.675.high.91

Tough way to end the season but the future is bright and the Celtics are back in the mix and with the way they’ve built this team they should be for a very long time.

First stop before the draft is the NBA Draft Lottery May 17th.



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