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The Atlanta Hawks Sound Soft

Grant Anschuetz | Slump Sports Blogger

As most people know, last night’s Cavaliers and Hawks game was a joke. The Cavs won 123-98 and made a playoff record 25 3-pointers. It felt to me as if the Cavs were doing their best Warriors impersonation, but they just did a much better job.

As one could imagine, the Cavs were having a great time celebrating each 3 on the bench like most human beings would.

(You just do you JR)

Let the record show that I dislike LeBron and the Cavs because I’ve been a life long Detroit Pistons fan, and we are conference rivals. Naturally, I didn’t like the extreme celebration, but I also understood it because they were setting a record. However, the Hawks players took quite the exception to it.


A few of the Atlanta Hawks players spoke to after Wednesday’s 123-98 rout by the Cleveland Cavaliers and voiced their objection with the way the Cavaliers went about breaking the 3-point record. The Cavs made 25 on the night, the most in NBA history for a game, playoff or regular-season.

“It’s a certain way of being a professional,” the Hawks’ Paul Millsap said to “I’m not mad about it, but just being professionals man. If that’s how you want to approach it, that’s how you approach it. I think our team and our organization has class and I don’t think we would have continued to do that, but other organizations do other things so what can you do about it?”

Hawks big man Al Horford echoed his frontcourt mate’s sentiments.

“We probably wouldn’t do anything like that [if we were in that position],” he told “…It’s hard to say, but I would say no.”

Kent Bazemore implied that what goes around, comes around.

“I’m a firm believer in karma,” the small forward said to “Maybe we’ll be the team to break that record soon. Everyone knows how they play. They get out in front and they’re a totally different team. It is what it is. We’ll see them again. That wasn’t Game 4. That was only Game 2. They still have to beat us two more times before they can really celebrate anything.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.02.21 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.04.17 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.05.26 PM.png

(S/O to the Hawks twitter account for having some self-deprecating humor)

Certain way of being a professional? Yeah, you’re not supposed to give up 25 3’s when you’re a professional, Paul Millsap. Clearly, he was mad about it because he spent a whole paragraph of quotes to address.

Furthermore, their organization doesn’t have to worry about what they would do if they hit that many 3’s because I can’t see that team making that many shots any time soon. Plus, Horford is purely speculating when he says that they “probably” wouldn’t do anything like that.

Bazemore throwing out stuff like ‘karma’ when it comes to this is borderline comical.

And last but not least, to answer Millsap’s question of ‘what can you do about it’ Two words: Play Defense.

Final Thought: I need the Warriors to restore order in the 3 point kingdom and drop a cool 26 3’s on Saturday. There’s not enough room in the NBA for two teams to be that good at 3’s.

Also, the rest of the Hawks team should take some notes on how to handle situations like this by following in the foot steps of Mike Muscala. No idea who this guy is, but he may be the smartest Hawks player, and he did play in a game before because check out that silky jumper.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.08.52 PM.png


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