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Red Sox Rising to the Top Once Again

Well folks, it’s happening again. The Boston Red Sox are are back, new and improved (thanks to dealing Dave Dombrowski) and ready to make a run at their 4th World Series in 12 years. I knew they were a good baseball team after the moves they made this offseason, but now with their recent offensive EXPLOSION, they are becoming a great team and a legitimate title contender. The starting pitching is on point, bats are heating up, and the defense could not be more solid. With a few fixes here and their and maybe a few deadline trades, the Red Sox could very well be back playing in October.

No one can understand the shear torture I faced during the past two seasons. Management making DUMB moves, Farrell making STUPID lineups,  and players playing half-ass baseball. Yet, I never stopped watching, never stopped cheering my butt off for the Beantown boys, I stayed a loyal member of the Fenway Faithful. This team is what fans like me deserve. Dealin’ Dave putting together a team full of talent, full of experience, a team that has fun off the field and on the field. This team IS great, and the past 5 games have proved that they are a true contender for the 2016 title. I cannot wait until the Red Sox/Cubs World Series game 7 where David Price K’s 12 and Ortiz hits a walk-off dinger to clinch another title for the 617.

Here are the main reasons why the Red Sox are going back to the World Series

Dealin’ Dave Dombrowski


I have to give credit where credit is due, and this organization’s turnaround is in large part due to Dave Dombrowski and his genius. He is a baseball wizard, and helping the Red Sox rebuild a lackluster bullpen this offseason. He acquired Craig Kimbrel and Carson Smith two proven studs for to build upon a troubled bullpen. People always love the Yankees bullpen but the Sox have a dangerous bullpen of their own with Uehara, Carson Smith, then Gas Masterson (Kimbrel) to close it off. Dombrowski was also a huge factor in helping lock down David Price, the top of the rotation starting pitcher the Red Sox lacked in 2015 after they messed up the Jon Lester situation. Dave has earned my trust this offseason, because I know he is here to win, and win championships. I know if the Sox are lacking in a certain area, Dombrowski will be manning the phones scouring the market looking for the right players to help the Sox win their 9th title.

The Greatest Offense in Recent History


This offense has just been incredible recently, putting up 51 runs in the past 4 games, 51 runs. The bats have been ON FIRE with the whole lineup pitching in to massacre opponents. I know the Yankees, Athletics and Astros are not the best competition, but Sonny Gray and Dallas Kuechel are both top of the line starting pitchers, and the Red Sox shelled both of them. Ortiz doesn’t look a day of 32, hitting for power and average. The Red Sox are in the top 5 in pretty much every offensive category after this outburst the past few days. Here are the highlights this season by the numbers.

  • Highest Average in the league (.295)
  • Highest First Inning Average in the league (.359)
  • Highest average  in innings 1-6 in the league (.307) .19 points higher than the second place team
  • 2nd highest two-out average in the league (.287)
  • 2nd highest Average with runners in scoring position (.304)
  • Highest Average when the team is behind in the league (.302)
  • Highest average in home games (.307)
  • David Ortiz tied for 5th in RBIs (30)
  • Jackie Bradley Jr.
    • .500 in the last 7 games (14-28)
    • .328 this season at the bottom of the order
  • 5 Players in the starting lineup hitting above .300
    • Pedroia, Bogaerts, Ortiz, Shaw,Bradley

Consistent Pitching


Anyone who watched even a few games in the 2015 season knows that one of the biggest reasons for the collapse of the team was because of inconsistence in the pitching staff. Injuries was another huge factor, but even at the start of the season quality starts were not coming nearly as much as they should have been. That was with 5 ground-ball average pitchers. Now with David Price leading the charge, Rick Porcello, Stephen Wright and even Clay Buchholz have some of the weight lifted off of their shoulders and are performing at a higher level. Once Eduardo Rodriguez heals up and returns to the rotation, the Sox could really get something rolling. People have also forgotten about Joe Kelly, who had a fantastic Spring Training, but got hurt in his first start of 2016. He is set to come back towards the end of May, when John Farrell will have a big decision to make on who comes out of the rotation. Stephen Wright, who replaced Kelly in the rotation, is 4th among MLB pitchers this season with a 1.52 ERA in 6 starts (3-3). If I had to guess, Wright will return to the bullpen as a 6th starter and will see some long relief appearances when a starter (probably Buchholz) blows up and leaves a game early.

The fact is the Red Sox have good problems instead of bad ones. Instead of worrying about who is going to pitch they are worrying about how many people are going to pitch. Including Henry Owens and Sean O’Sullivan, the Sox have 8 guys to start games, and 8 guys who can get the job done. This rotation gives this team a chance to win and a chance to go far in the postseason. If the Red Sox continue to perform at a high level towards the trade deadline, I would not be surprised to see another proven starting pitcher inserted into the rotation to bolster the rotation before the playoffs. I’ve heard names like James Shields, Andrew Cashner, C.J Wilson, and Jered Weaver all discussed as possible targets for trades this season.

The Team


There are trends that exist between the 3 world series teams this decade for the Red Sox, and for every team that wins the World Series every year. Teams that win the trophy are actual teams. They have fun together, get along, and act like a team. We saw it in 2004 with the “Idiots” led by Kevin Millar, Pedro Martinez, and Manny Ramirez. We saw in in 2013 with the Beards trend and the rallying of the team after the Marathon tragedy. This team feels more like those teams. Last year we could see flaws and disputes in the clubhouse after management dished hundreds of millions of dollars towards players. The 2015 team was more like a 2006, or 2012 team (I still despise Bobby Valentine). With this 2016 roster we can see them having fun goofing around and playing hard. You can tell by the way they interact in the dugout and the way the team meshes on the field. Those teams are the teams you want to see play. This is why I hate the Yankees, (Obviously I hate them because I’m a Red Sox fan but also this) they spend 200+ million dollars on their payroll to put mediocre teams on the field that don’t get along and don’t mesh. They try and buy championships, not win them. That is what caused the 2012 Red Sox team to blow up. Too many superstars in one locker room is not good for the atmosphere especially when you have guys like Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett whose egos don’t fit through the door.

This team is different. They are a solid unit and one that has potential to make a lot of noise if they keep playing the way they are playing. God bless this team and God bless this city! It’s a great time to be a Red Sox fan ladies and gents!



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