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Crosby’s OT Snipe

While everyone was lost in the OKC upset, Sydney Crosby evened the series for the Penguins by slapping home a goal in OT.

It does not get much prettier than that my friends, perfect set up by Bryan Rust (Not gonna lie I had to google “17 on Penguins” to find out who that was) and great snipe top shelf for Syd the kid. I’ve always kind of been an Ovechkin fan more than I have a Crosby fan, just because Ovi is crazy physical and crazy talented while Crosby is kind of a suss. Still got to give the man credit here for tying up the series.

This goal is also another example of why playoff hockey is just so magical. When the Bruins won the cup in ’11 I could not sit still, it was like waiting to get slapped after a slap bet, so anxious, so excited. Then when a goal is scored your either really pumped, like run through a brick wall pumped, or super depressed, like go right to bed without talking to anyone depressed. Hopefully we get a good Stanley Cup final even though me and Grant’s picks got bounced. Happy Hockey everyone!


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