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OKC-Golden State Game 1 Recap

My lord, what a game folks, what a game. I have to say I did not see that coming whatsoever. I actually predicted a Warriors blowout in game 1 even though I think it will be a pretty competitive series. Golden State just does not lose at home, ever. They only lost to Boston and Minnesota at home in the regular season. Even though it is incredibly hard to beat a team 4 straight times, (OKC lost 3 meetings with the Warriors in the reg. season), especially with a team as good as OKC, I though the Warriors would handle Durant and the boys with ease. Huge game for my guy Russell Westbrook hats off to him for that incredible second half and nearly shutting down the MVP. Lets get into how the Thunder pulled out the W at the Oracle tonight.

Another huge storyline was the blatant travel by Westbrook that was missed by the refs. It could have been a huge gift to the Warriors, and if it was called we very likely could have Steph do something Steph usually does and we could have a whole different outcome.


The Thunder a a versatile squad, they have two of the best players in the league a decent supporting cast. They can slow it down and work the halfcourt game like they did against San Antonio, or they can speed up behind Russell Westbrook and run teams out of the gym. The Warriors game is shooting, always has and will remain that way until Steph leaves. If the Warriors cannot make shots consistently, they are screwed. When they play young, physical teams this tends to happen. Boston has a young lineup thats not afraid to push teams around. Minnesota is the same way, they have young guys who play fast and play hard. OKC is a better version of these two teams. Westbrook does what he has to to win the game. Whether that be play fast and score, or slow down and play lockdown defense. He can do it all, which is why I think he is among the top 5 players in the league (LeBron, Westbrook, Durant, Leonard, Curry if anyone cares). On Monday night he LOCKED IN and put on an amazing performance. He took over in the second half, shutting down Steph Curry and putting up 24 of his 27 points. Durant and Russ were severely average in the 1st half being down by 10+ most of the half. Things definitely changed at the break, Billy Donovan must’ve said something to fire up his squad because it looked like a whole new team. That is with the exception of Durant who struggled mightily in the second half.

This guy is pure ice


Kevin Durant:                     26 pts (10-30 FG)   10 REB   5 TO
Russell Westbrook:           27 pts (24 in 2nd half)   6 REB    12 AST
Steven Adams:                    Double-Double (16 pts, 12 REB)

Steph Curry:                        26 pts (6-14 3PT)    7 AST    10 REB

Warriors: 11-30 3PT         36.7%
Thunder: 8-17 3PT           47.1%

The biggest storylines were that the Warriors couldn’t shoot, Westbrook took over, the Thunder outplayed GS in the paint, and the Thunder’s defense.

I know the Warriors did not have their best game, but the Thunder did not have theirs either, at all. Durant was 10-30 from the field and pretty much just shut off in the 4th quarter until his last shot that proved to be the dagger. I know the Warriors can play better, but the fact that the Thunder played that bad and still won against the best team in the league has my mind running. What can the Thunder do when they play their best game? I don’t think Steve Kerr or Steph Curry want to see that team play their best game. Anyway this game 1 proved that this is going to be a fantastic series and could possibly go down as one of the best playoff series ever.

PS- Sir Charles dropped an absolute BOMB on Lebetard in the post game. He called Dan Lebetard “a idiot” (If you watch the Schuetz and Tor show youve heard the discussion). I hope Danny boy went to bed before his “friend” roasted him on national TV.

PS- Enes Kanter dropping a hot steaming pile of mud on Skip’s chest made my night



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