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John Farrell Makes the Worst Decision Ever

Welp, off it goes. John Farrell is an absolute MORON. Jackie Bradley Jr’s streak came to an end tonight against the Colorado Rockies Thursday night because of an IDIOTIC move by the Red Sox manager John Farrell. Let’s get into it.

So those of you who actually follow the Red Sox know that JBJ has always hit out of the bottom of the order. Last season he was in the 9 spot most of the time because of the struggles he had swinging the stick. During the streak Farrell got a little greedy and tried to manage his offensive outbreak. He moved him up to the 8 spot, then eventually to the 6 spot to try to get more scoring because of his streak. Thursday night however Farrell made the decision to bat JBJ in the leadoff spot to give Mookie the night off before hitting the road for Toronto and Baltimore.

Well I can honestly say that anyone who has ever played the game of baseball, better yet played backyard baseball  – better yet picked up a freaking bat,  know that you cannot manage a hot streak, and once you do it burns into flames. It happens all the time, an average middle of the lineup guy starts to hit the cover off the ball and a manager moves him up to 5th or 3rd and they fall right back into their average tendencies. Anyway JBJ had no business batting in the 1 spot, it is a completely different type of at bat. A leadoff hitters job is to get on base and set up runs for the 3-4-5 guys. JBJ’s hitting streak was so long because he wasnt trying to set things up, he was just trying to get hits, swinging the bat cleanly and letting the ball fly. Farrell simply messed up. It could have been a number of things like the difference in the 9 and 1 spots, the move up getting in JBJ’s head, Farrell trying to get cute, or anything else. I can only speculate but the fact is Jackie Baseball didn’t get a hit, I’m pissed, and Farrell should be fined, suspended, and ordered to give Red Sox nation a written apology letter. Those are my demands.

Right when I saw the lineup I saw this coming. It just felt weird to see him at the top of the order with Clay on the mound in a getaway game. It just felt like a game the Red Sox were giving away. But the move up is actually probably the biggest reason. In high school I batted 5th and 6th behind a couple really good hitters and when they would miss a game I would dread walking up to the plate to fill in for them. In high school as a 5 and 6 hitter I used to get straight fastballs, then as a 3 hitter I would get all the guys best stuff; sliders, hooks, change-ups, just straight cheese. It really does make a huge difference to jump up in the order.

Now that im thinking about it I change my mind. The reason the streak came to an end is because Jackie was persistent to the media that he was not thinking about the streak at all, he was just playing baseball. When John Farrell tried to move him up in the order to give him an extra at-bat or get more production, whatever the reason, he made Jackie think about the streak and being productive to help his team. It got into his head and hung over him the whole night, officially ending his streak. A big reason why the streak was so long was because he was buried deep in the order of so many great hitters and there was n0 pressure on the kid to do well. As much as it helped the team, if Jackie’s explosion did not happen the Red Sox would still be fine. I loved this story don’t get me wrong but the Red Sox are an offensive team and I dont know why Farrell would try to get cute when this streak was entering the serious hit streak territory.

Now that the streak is over I hope JBJ’s production does not go down. I hope he continues to swing the bat and prove himself as a great hitter that we know he can be now. Now we see why we didn’t trade this kid last year. During his last 30 games, JBJ is hitting .417 with 40 hits 7 HR and 26 RBI, a great accomplishment nonetheless. JBJ is batting .341 this season good for 5th in the bigs. We have a potential silver slugger, gold glover, hell if he keeps hitting an MVP is not out of the question.

Jackie, great run buddy we all loved it and keep it up please and don’t start slumping  and end up hitting .220 at the end of the season. I’m serious please…


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