He’s About To Be Back And Villainier Than Ever

Grant Anschuetz | Slump Sports Blogger

I know the NBA Finals start tonight and college football hasn’t even started yet, but this is important.


Everyone knows Grayson Allen (aka college basketball’s biggest villain) is returning to Duke this upcoming year for another season. But do you know how awesome this season is going to be?


See, I’m a Grayson Allen fan even though I’m not a Duke fan. No, I don’t like the way Allen trips players and acts like it wasn’t intentional. However, I do enjoy a great villain who knows their role and plays it well. I also respect his ability to finish at the rim whether it be crazy lay-ups or thunderous dunks.

I also believe that any sport is better when there is a clear villain that drives everyone crazy. And last year was exciting because of the role that Allen played. But this year will be even better because…

  • Duke will be even better than last year, so they will be in the spotlight more (#1 pre-season ranking)
  • Grayson Allen will likely not be the best player on the team with the arrival of all of these highly-starred freshman recruits, so the team dynamic will be interesting once Allen realizes his role may not be as big as last year.

You may hate Allen, which is understandable but at least remember to thank the man for providing us with more drama, controversy, hatred and intense competition throughout this upcoming season.

So fasten your seat belts Duke haters because it’s looking like we will have a title favorite Blue Devils squad on our hands led by none other than Laettner 2.0 (not as good but same idea). Take the next few months to prepare yourself mentally for that impending reality.



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