Steve Kerr’s Clipboard Smash Got Me Thinking..

Grant Anschuetz | Slump Sports Blogger

Steve Kerr demolished a clipboard last night with one smack of the hand. It was impressive and quite surprising from a coach that tends to stay cool, relaxed and funny for the most part.

The whole display instantly made me wonder about who are the most intimidating NBA coaches. So, here is a Top 5 list of coaches that I believe to be the most intimidating, with #1 being the most intimidating coach in the league.


5. Steve Kerr

Kerr sneaks onto the Top 5 List for two reasons:

  1. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t impressed with the way he snapped that clipboard. That has to count for something.
  2. He got punched in the face by MJ and stood back up to him, so he won’t be easily intimidated by anyone.


4. Rick Carlisle

I don’t have anything crazy for Carlisle other than he is fairly tall for coaches at 6’5”, and he likes flying planes. Honestly, I just think he looks angry all the time.


3. Tom Thibodeau

The man is simply fiery. Also, he is a notoriously defensive-minded coach, which screams intimidation. Thibodeau would be the guy in a fight that wouldn’t know any takedown moves, but he would know every counter/reversal humanly possible. Lastly, he just got hired in Minnesota, automatic chip on his shoulder.

Blazers vs. Rockets ~ Game 05

2. Nate McMillan

Checking in at 6’5” and 195 lbs, McMillan was chosen because of his intimidating appearance. The fact that he played for the Sonics against Jordan and was apart of the “Big Mac” squad only helps. If you were in a group called “Big Mac”, you’re bound to rattle people.



  1. Alvin Gentry

Drumroll… This man. The Pelicans head coach. Couldn’t tell you one thing about him other than when I saw his headshot, I got a little scared. The only coach that could strike fear into the already terrifying uni-brow of Anthony Davis.

Honorable Mention


  • Gregg Popovich
    • Most intimidating towards media members. He’s always one question away from making you feel like the dumbest human alive.


  • Scott Brooks
    • He kind of looks like Liam Nelson in my opinion, so that counts for something.

That wraps it up. Let me know where I messed up or if you agreed.



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