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The Once Promising Career of Carl Crawford Crumbling

Screen-shot-2013-12-24-at-8.27.53-AMThis has been a thing for a while now, but Carl Crawford may now be out of a job in the MLB for good. Crawford has been on a rapid decline ever since he signed his massive deal with Boston back in the 2010 off-season, only proving the greed and aspirations of some for these star athletes. I hate when all-star players like Crawford get paid and then stop producing. It happens all the time with pitchers (most recently James Shields) and its the most unfortunate thing to see when your team dishes out the cash to these guys to under perform. Crawford signed a huge deal worth $142,000,000 over 7 years when he was 29 in the thick of his prime. He proved himself as a prominent threat in Tampa Bay and everyone believed he would bring the RedSox to the next level. Unfortunately he cracked under the microscope that is the Boston media and it only got worse when the Sox dumped his sorry butt to LA after a PITIFUL year and a half with Boston where his average dropped 50 points and stole 30 fewer bases. Crawford believed he had to be the guy in Boston, but that was simply not the case, instead he let the money get to his head and he tried playing hero, going for homers and refusing to steal for a team that got him for that exact purpose.


So now after being taken out of the starting lineup by LA at the end of Spring Training, he was notified that he has been designated for assignment. Now any teams can put a claim in for him and work out a deal to acquire Crawford from the Dodgers. Spoiler for all the MLB fans out there, Crawford will not find another team. No team will want to pay 20+ million for a .260 hitter at best. I can’t say no team, maybe the D-Backs or A’s or some crap shoot team like that will pick him up just cause they need some sort of acquisition.

It really is a shame though. His last year in Tampa Bay he won the Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, was an All-Star, and finished 7th in MVP voting (If that’s even an accomplishment). Everyone (especially the Red Sox) thought that 2010 season was a breakout year for Crawford as he was playing for a big contract. The reason he got so much was because there was a bidding war between a few teams, but headlined by the Red Sox and Yankees who both needed a top of the order hitter and outfielder to bolster their lineups. The Red Sox drastically overpaid for Crawford who should have been in the neighborhood of $15 million per year. That deal turned out to be one of the worst decisions of Theo Epstein’ tenure in Boston, and was one of the decision that eventually cost him his job.

Although this is kind of sad, I’m one of those pissed off Red Sox fans that can’t stand this guy, so as much as you hate to see this stuff happen, SO LONG CARL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

(Although he gets the last laugh cause he’s making 35 million for doing nothing and I’m a poor college kid)


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