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With the NBA draft only two days away now, trade talks have started to heat up like my brothers butt on a summer day at Fenway, so it’s a good thing you have me to help you sift through the legit and stupid rumors on the block right now. This is a relatively boring draft especially if you take out the first two picks which are pretty much set in stone at this point. Simmons looks like he’ll be on his way to Philly and Ingram will an essential member of the new wave Lakers with D’Angelo Russell. After those picks most the excitement turns to trade rumors, circling mostly around Chicago, Boston, and Atalanta. So many players names have been thrown out there creating a ton of hype and speculation about this upcoming draft. We all know how much I love making moves and dealing players, but something tells me this draft will be a landmark for the NBA’s next 5-10 years.


There has been a ton of talk about the Hawks moving a point guard to move up in the draft. This talk is being directed at 28 year old Jeff Teague who has come along quite well since being drafted in 2009. Teague however could be on his way out of Atlanta to make room for young stud Dennis Schroeder, known for his shifty handles and tough defense. Schroeder has shown flashes of great potential, but has not gotten a ton of minutes because of the presence of Teague.

The biggest trade partner for the Hawks seems to be the Jazz, but i don’t quite know why. Although Utah is an up and coming team with a ton of great talent, it does not seem likely. The Jazz have acquired 3 good young point guards the past few years including Trey Burke, Shelvin Mack, and Dante Exum. Jeff Teague could certainly be on the move but Utah seems like a longshoreman considering there assets. Teams like the Knicks, Bucks, Bulls, Nuggets, and even the Wizards could provide a more intriguing offer to add a veteran point guard And some backcourt depth.

Prediction: Longshot but a trade with Milwaukee involving the 10th pick


Perhaps the most bizzare situation this offseason has to do with the Chicago Bulls,  an almost playoff team that seems a lot farther away from a title than what they can be. Derrick Rose is a huge question mark as we have learned because of the injuries and lack of consistency. I have always been a huge fan of D-Rose and I still think he may have something left but Jimmy Butler is the real treasure in the Windy City. Butler has shown all-star potential and has been the target of many many teams, especially Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics. Apparently there was a deal in place last offseason and this year at the trade deadline but teams got cold feet both times. With the Bulls looking like they are going to start a rebuild, even though it seems management doesn’t think they should, Ainge might have enough firepower to bring Butler to Boston finally. Rose’s name has been linked to the Knicks quite a bit recently which makes sense because of their lack of point guard depth.

PREDICTION: Rose to the Knicks for Picks and a throw in player/ Butler stays in Chicago throughout the rebuild process and his potentially great career is wasted


With all the picks and players Danny Ainge has Finagled his way into, it has been speculated that he is to make a series of roster moves to acquire big name players. Previously Celtics fans have heard names like DeMarcus Cousins, Paul George, Jimmy Butler, and many others. At one point I heard Carmelo Anthony’s name thrown out there as a possible trade target. (That would have been an absolute NIGHTMARE)

Now with all those deals losing their steam, Ainge has his sights set on other big men to bolster the C’s average backcourt. The Sixers apparently have a strong interest in the third pick (they own picks 1&4) to draft Jamal Murray or Marquesse Chriss who’s draft stock has been rising this past week and won’t seem to stop. The trade that has been “leaked” and reported most often is Okafor and the 4th pick for the 3rd pick and another second rounder. I personally like the move to get one of these players, even though I would prefer Noel. Both these guys have great upside and can help a lackluster Celtics front court.

PREDICTION: Okafor and the 4th pick for the 3rd pick and a throw in player

I am actually really looking forward to this years draft, not just because I’m a diehard Celtics fan, but also because it looks like it will be the most entertaining throughout the night. Trades will be popping off left and right and noise will be made. Let’s see what happens Thursday

Go Celtics

Other possible trades/rumors

Gordon Hayward to Boston (Butler boys back together)

Eric Bledsoe to Knicks/Jazz/Bucks (Phoenix making room for Kris’s Dunn)

Other teams to look out for

Brooklyn Nets trading into the first round (Jazz trying to trade down as well)

Teams to look out for







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