NBA Free Agency Headlines

Philip Tor | Slump Sports Bloggah


The first week in July is popular for a ton of reasons. Fourth of July weekend, Beaching, and finally NBA free agency. Once the clock hits midnight on July 1st, anarchy sets in over the entire National Basketball Association, with teams cramming to sign players to help their team win a championship.

It is this time in the year where we see teams make significant strides towards a Finals berth, or we see teams spend millions of dollars on players who don’t deserve to be making that much money.

This season is especially hectic because of the increased salary cap, and the increased amount of salary a player can earn in a season. We have seen some mega deals in the past 48 hours, as well as some head scratchers. This blog will highlight the most notable signings of this seasons free agency frenzy.

DeMar DeRozen – 5 Years / $139 Million – RAPTORS

A little surprised DeRozen didn’t jet off to LA (his hometown) or another contender, but overall a great achievement for the Raptors getting their leading scorer and best player back on a team that still has a chance to be a player in the East.

Joakim Noah – 4 years / $72 Million – KNICKS


We’ll see how this works out for the Knicks, but unless they get a natural and consistent scorer, I don’t see range them being a big player next season. They have obviously gotten a lot better by trading for Rose and signing Noah who has proven himself to be consistent offensively and a defensive monster (when he’s healthy). I’ve heard rumors of a Dwayne Wade signing in New York, but until that happens I refuse to consider the Knicks more than a 41 win team in a weak Eastern Conference.

Timofey Mozgov – 4 years / $64 Million – LAKERS


When I saw this I quite literally threw up in my mouth. This proved my theory that all you have to do is be 7 foot something and you can make it the NBA and make millions of dollars for being tall. Timofey Mozgov STINKS. He BLOWSSSS. they are going to pay this guy 16 million a year to play maybe 20 minutes a game, score 8 points, and grab 9 or 10 boards. I hate this signing so much even though the Lakers are in straight rebuild mode as of late. Even with this salary cap, that is a lot of money to spend on a position that is dying. It is a perimeter game now, the need for a traditional center was big 10 years ago, not today.

Andre Drummond – MAX 5 Years / $130 Million Range – PISTONS

Even though i just said what I said, Drummond was a key piece to the Pistons moderate success this season and without Drummond the Pistons have no inside presence. They needed Drummond to compete in this conference and put Detroit back on the map.

Chandler Parson – MAX 4 Years/ $95 Million – GRIZZLIES

This is why this salary cap bothers the hell out of me. 10, 5, even 2 years ago a player like Parsons wouldn’t be making more than $20 million a year and now because of the demand he’s a max deal player. Don’t get me wrong, Parsons is a good NBA player, he can score, rebound, and play solid defense, but in NO WAY should he be a max deal player.

Mike Conley – MAX 5 Years / $153 Million – GRIZZLIES


This deal makes Mike Conley the highest paid player in the league. Nuff said. Good re-sign for the Grizz and probably the best decision for Conley. The Grizzlies need a commander of that offense and Conley has proven he can be it. With Parsons now aboard the Grizzlies Express it will be interesting to see if they can make a run deep into the post season.

Al Horford – 4 Years / $113 Million – CELTICS

Atlanta Hawks v Boston Celtics

HUGE win for the Celtics as Hereford will be a key part of the recruiting of Kevin Durant. Horford getsย the Celtics just a little closer to that next banner, but they still need to sign a natural scorer to pair with Isaiah Thomas and Horford. This signing also makes the Celtics one of the best defensive teams in the league becauseย with Horford protecting the rim instead of Jared Sullener, it will make it a lot harder for opponents to dash into the lane. The Celtics are on the verge, Ainge has one more job to do and that is bring Durant to the City of Champions.

Dwight Howard – 3 Years / $70.5 Million – HAWKS


Howard is heading back to his hometown of Atlanta to join the Hawks, and replace Al Horford. Hopefully Dwight can get his career back on track and help an already decent Hawks team make another run, but I will be the first one to laugh in the Hawks’ faces when this signing eventually bows up in their faces. Wherever Howard goes, the team blows up. LA, Orlando towards the end, Houston and now Atlanta is next. Its obvious now that I hate Dwight Howard and I hope this signing does blow up in their face.

Other Signings I Like

Bradley Beal – 5 Years / $128 Million – WIZARDS

Evan Turner – 4 Years / $70 Million – TRAIL BLAZERS

Luol Deng – 4 Years / $72 Million – LAKERS

Hassan Whiteside – 4 Years / $98 Million – HEAT

Signings I Hate

Ryan Anderson – 4 Years / $80 Million – ROCKETS

Jeremy Lin – 3 Years / $36 Million – NETS

Signings that make me Giggle

Matthew Dellavedova – 4 Years / $38 Million – BUCKS


The madness is only starting as the Durant decision is soon to come as well as plenty of more players who have yet to sign. Once Durant picks a team, then everything else will fall into place and the predictions start coming.


As of right now if I had to pick a finals matchup I’d pick

The Golden State Warriors (69-13) vs The Boston Celtics (59-23)


PS- TERRIBLE signing by the Lakers here


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