Today in Power Moves: Celtics Bring Tom Brady to Meeting with Kevin Durant

Philip Tor | Slump Sports Bloggah

Speechless. I have chills running down my spine thinking about what was said by Brady in this meeting. I wouldn’t be surprised if Durant just signed the contract then and there, ย but is just dragging it out to make it seem like he actually had a decision to make.

I mean who can speak to how great of a sports city Boston is better than the legend himself, Tom Brady? Durant has to see how much we want and need him on this team. From what I’ve seen no other franchise really NEEDS him like we do, well maybe the Thunder but they still have a top 10 player in the league. The Spurs still have Kawhi and Aldridge, the Warriors have the Splash Bros, the Clippers have CP3 and DeAndre, Thunder have Westbrook and now Oladipo, and the Heat have D-Wade (maybe) and Bosh (If he’s still alive). Everything the Celtics are lacking, KD could bring to this team. We have big men, we have a great defense, a great coach, a great fan base, and a great GM that is willing to make moves to get players he wants to play with.


Atlanta Hawks v Boston Celtics


The Celtics had a major victory when they landed free agent forward Al Horford. Horford is not only a great player to pair with Isaiah Thomas in the pick and roll game, he is a player that Durant openly recruited to come to Oklahoma City because he loved his offensive game as well as his defensive hustle. Now with a core of proven all-stars, it makes Boston an even better place to come play basketball.

The Thunder trade for Victor Oladipo had a lot of speculation attached to it. Sources said that the Thunder were beefing up their defense because Durant and Westbrook got too tired of running around to guard the like of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Now with Oladipo, who is one of the best defensive guards in the league, they can focus on out-scoring teams like the Warriors and Spurs. But now since the Celtics got Horford. that makes them an even better defensive team than they were, and they were pretty good last year. They have Avery Bradley, a member of the all defensive team, Marcus Smart, Jae Crowder, and now Al Horford to protect the rim.

I know Durant will probably go back to OKC, but just the though of him in a Celtics uniform gets me in a good mood. He is that player that takes Boston to the next level, a legitimate contender in the conference and the league. The Celtics have done a great job putting together a team that Durant would even think about coming too and the community has largely supported the move over social media, led by the towns major athletes.

On the off chance Durant does come to Boston to play, he won’t make be making a mistake. I have never seen a bigger push by a community to sign a free agent. David Priceย to the Red Soxย last year was big, but this would be like a million times bigger.

Im crossing my fingers along with any other Celtics fan in Boston, and we will all be waiting anxiously until he announces his decision later on this week.


I mean how sick would this be? Come to Boston, KD.


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