This Article Broke My Johnny Manziel Silence

Grant Anschuetz | Slump Sports

I disagree with this.

“If we — you, me, all of us — had taken a little bit less interest.

Which is to say this: Manziel did this, like all tortured souls, to himself.

But we helped him along. We did.

We all have demons. We all contributed in a small way to this. We all, of nothing else, should root for those who stumbled and couldn’t quite recover.”

Why should you care? Because according to national columnist Bill Reiter, we all helped Johnny Manziel down the path he is on now.

I understand it’s an opinion piece. I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I understand it’s an interesting angle but is this for real?

I honestly can’t figure out how I personally contributed to Manziel’s demise.


Is it because I was a fan of his in college?

Is it because I thought he’d be decent in the NFL?

Is it because I made it clear I was done talking about him?

Skip until 32:53

Is it because I’ve tweeted about him before?

I don’t know but it sounds like Bill Reiter does.

I believe his opinion is absurd.

Manziel is where he is in life because of Manziel.

I’ll grant you that some of his close friends may have dropped the ball a little but to say that “we” all helped him to this point?

Absolutely absurd. This all rests on Johnny Manziel’s shoulders, not mine or any of yours.

It’s called taking responsibility for your actions and life.

Don’t put any blame on others.

Especially on those that haven’t even met the man.



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