Don’t Be Comparing Kevin Durant To LeBron James

Grant Anschuetz | Slump Sports

Call me biased.

Call me a hater or a hypocrite or whatever other word you’d like.


But you won’t change my opinion about this.

Kevin Durant choosing to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder shouldn’t be compared to LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Durant is from Washington D.C. and James is from Akron, OH.

Durant didn’t promise OKC a championship, James did.

Durant released a statement through The Player’s Tribune to announce where he was going. James had an ESPN special TV show to announce where he was going called “The Decision.”

Durant hasn’t said Golden State will win around 6-7 rings. James told Miami that.

Durant had to play with a point guard in OKC that wanted to be “the guy.” James was “the guy” in Cleveland and didn’t have to deal with that dynamic.

Yes, I know, Durant is going to a team that already has a superstar. Going to a team that just beat them in the Western Conference Finals in a Game 7.

But he said it was going to be a basketball decision, and he made the best basketball decision.

Who wouldn’t want to play in the Warriors offense?

Who wouldn’t want to have a phenomenal chance to win multiple rings and be on one of the greatest teams ever?

I guess what I’m trying to say is:

1. Durant and James’s departures are different enough that it is acceptable to dislike the way James did it but respect the way Durant did it.

2. You can hate on Durant all day long with the “easy way out” pitch, but at the end of the day he is getting paid and has a great chance to win a title.

One last thing/things:

How is this trade bad for basketball?

Greatness is fun to watch. I could watch a Cavs and Warriors finals until these guys are out of their primes and be perfectly content.

This new salary cap allows for more superstars on more teams and it sounds like the cap will only continue to go up.

Don’t hate it. Hop on the bandwagon and embrace it.





2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Comparing Kevin Durant To LeBron James

  1. Its very easy for people at home to say he shouldn’t go to the Warriors, but most of us would do the exact same thing. I dont like the move from a competition stand point, but I probably would’ve done the same thing. Part of the reason to work so hard to become a superstar is so you can go where ever you want and have the best teams in the league want you.


    1. I definitely would do the same thing. I see where you’re coming from with the competition thing. It would have been more interesting if Dwyane Wade went to the Cavaliers. The Warriors are the favorite, but they lost this year so anything can still happen. Durant has earned this trade/money.

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