My First “Forgettable Flashback” – Saints 2003 Failed Comeback

Philip Tor | Slump Sports Bloggah

Today I’m launching my new weekly article, Forgettable Flashbacks. Pretty much every week I’ll bring up something that sports fans want to forget about. These can be either funny, sad, gross, or stupid. My way of bringing back the weird/embarrassing/sad crap that people have forgotten about.

For my first flashback, I thought I’d go to a bigger more known event that has taken place. I chose the missed extra point by John Carney that lost the Saints a game against the Jaguars in 2003. Now missed extra points happen all the time, in fact we saw one this past postseason when Stephen Gostowski (who is pretty much automatic at PAT’s) missed one in the AFC Championship game against the Broncos, that eventually cost the Patriots the game. This missed PAT is SO much different because of the touchdown that was scored.

The Saints were down 20-13 late in a game against the Jaguars, so with 7 seconds left on the clock and pinned on their own 25 yard line, the Saints threw a quick pass down the sideline and started the lateral toss. We all know this play works like .01% of the time, but this time the Saints receivers pulled it off after a string of shifty moves and cuts.

Everyone pretty much assumed the game would head to OT, and to be honest if I were there I would have headed to the little boys room to drop a pre-OT number 2. Unfortunately for the Saints, their Kicker John “The Immortal” Carney (The  23 seasons, absolute Steed) decided to completely bollix (vocab bomb) the hell out of the PAT and pushed it wide right.

Not gonna lie, that kick looked a lot like my golf shot, straight slice to the right.


Gotta feel bad for the guy. At least he took like a champ, right on the chin. He knew he messed up and lost the game and he reacted in the calmest way possible. If that was me, I wouldve either

  1. Threw my helmet in the stand and threw a huge fit like Happy Gilmore
  2. Started to blame my holder/ wind/ ground/cleats/that smoke in the 3rd row. Kind of like what LeBron does
  3. Started a fight with the other team like Ron Artest
  4. Immidiately broke down and cried like a 5th grade girl who got stage fright in her ballet recitle

Props to him for keeping his cool, actually really impressive for a dude who is about to get reamed out in the locker room by all his pissed off teammates. Another shout out to the Saints GM back then, who had the balls not to release Carney after the game.

All time terrible mess up for Saints fans, and i’d say football fans everywhere. Usually when it comes down to a lateral play a running back runs sideline to sideline a few times and then pitches it to an O-lineman who lets the ball slip through his hot dog fingers and ends up jumping on the ball with a perfect 10/10 belly flop. So the fact that the Saints actaully pulled this off, then didnt have the chance to complete the comeback was a bit dissapointing.

I can only imagine the reaction of the fans. Such a roller coaster in such a short time.

Jaguars fans giphy (2).gif

Saints fans

giphy (1)




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