Do You Remember: Chad Ochocinco Dating Show

So first off, I’m changing the name of this blog to “Do You Remember” because Forgettable Flashbacks was stupid and it’s really hard for me to pronounce the word forgettable. I don’t know if that’s just me but whatever, it is changed!


This week I thought I would throw it back to when America’s craziest Wide Receiver Chad Ochocinco and his VH1 dating show “Ochocinco’s The Ultimate Catch.” I personally watched every single episode, and after every one I questioned myself and why I watched that piece of garbage “Bachelor/Bachelorette” rip-off.

So to make the connection with sports, Chad set up a bracket system (with 16 girls) and every week picked the winner of every matchup.


Now becasue this show ultimately sucked eggs, instead of showing you the horrid footage of this stupid show, I’ll talk about the things that people actually care about

The smoke patrol rando girls that somehow ended up on this show. My favorite was Tara who was crazy, hot, and even more crazy. Gotta love a girl with a few screws loose. The girl on the bottom left was Angela, easily the hottest girl on the show and that is exactly the reason Chad eliminated her. Wikipedia describes the reason she left as “Only had looks to show”. Listen Chad, we all know that you were not really going to end up with the person you chose on the show, all your gonna do is maybe go on a few dates, canoodle twice or 15 times then eventually hate each other and wish ill thoughts about one another. That being the case, you HAVE to pick the hottest girl on the show which would be Angela or Courtney (top right).

I also felt bad for the girsl that just did not belong on that show


These girls just did not belong. One of these girls maybe breaks the 5 barrier if they get kinky enough. Just needed to fill spots and hit some key demographics I guess (the ginger audience, obviously).

This show was kind of cool though because we learned a lot more about Chad and his past must most importantly his badass dates.

What we learned is that Chad is a firm believer of simplicity and shows that when going on dates. Not on this show, but usually whenever he goes on a first date he’ll go to McDonalds and then play a game of UNO to decide who pays the bill. Savagery. I would totally do this to my dates, 1. If I ever got one, and 2. If I knew I’d win. Although if word got around that I did that I would never get a date, cause I’m not Chad Ochocinco. Still pretty awesome if you ask me.

Alright lets round out the blog with Chad’s greatness

PS Barstool did this a few months ago, really awesome video, funny and entertaining.


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