Trade Rumors Irk Me 

There’s an app for this malarkey?

In my opinion, trade rumors and free agency rumors are the worst thing about sports media. To get to the point I believe trade rumors are unnecessary and pointless because 1. They get fans hyped up about moves that will probably not be made 2. I think that most rumors are made up 3. Most of the time the media blows up rumors and spend countless time talking about potential rumored moves and their impact. 

Now I’m not saying the media can’t predict trades or landing spots for free agents. This is a more than reasonable discussion topic on radio, tv, and newspapers. The thing I can’t stand is when unknown or little known media groups jump up and claim they have sources telling them an impossible or unlikely trade will be happening soon. 

Even though I am in school to become a member of the media world and know how important reliable sources are to the field and especially careers in sports, I just really am starting to question these “sources” that people have. Obviously the Ian Rappaport’s, Adam Schefter’s, and Adrien Woj-whatever’s of he world have credible sources because they have been proven to report rumors that then turn out to become reality. But the small market and little known 5,000 twitter follower reporters report things that never happen. 

I’m a Boston Sports fan, so I live in a city that blows up the smallest things that athletes that play for our team do. Last year Jared Carrabis of barstool sports wrote a story that said Pablo Sandoval liked girls Instagram pages in the middle of the game. This happened to be true and Panda was suspended a few games for it. It’s stuff like that, although laugh out loud hilarious, makes me want to stick forks in my eyes.   

Another example is the year of Boston Celtics trade rumors. I can’t even count the amount of trades that were speculated and reported to be in the works by the Boston media. Boogie Cousins, Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Blake Griffin, Kris Middleton, Greg Monroe, Kevin Love, and I even heard Russel Westbrook rumors BEFORE the KD departure. Obviously the Celtics were tossing out offers and getting a feel for the market, but the media is just out of control.  

I understand that rumors are rumors and speculation is just speculation. but I’m just a guy trying to vent here. It’s gotten to the point where I really hate listening to sports radio or watching tv segments about rumors because the fact of the matter is the trade or move probably won’t happen. People make up so much dumb stuff just to get a twitter follow or their name on ESPN.  

I know it won’t happen any time soon, especially in the dead July sports month, but I just really need the rumors to stop as a fan and as a hopeful future member of the Boston sports media. 


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