Do You Remember: The Butt Fumble

In honor of NFL training camps opening up today, for this week’s Do You Remember is going to be on the infamous Butt Fumble.

The Butt Fumble live was absolutely hilarious, the broadcasters kept looking at different angles the whole game and laughing at Mark Sanchez, just an all around great moment for a Patriots fan like me. For others, this prestigious blooper was ruined by ESPN and its Not Top 10 segment. For 40 straight weeks we had to re-live this moment, it dragged and dragged on to the point where it wasnt really that funny anymore. ESPN really did ruin a great blooper that wouldve been in the Hall of Fame of the worst plays in sports history.


What makes the butt fumble so great is Mark Sanchez. First the play breaks down with Shonn Greene running the wrong way, or Sanchez rolling out the wrong way, either or its so Jets it hurts. Then Sanchez literally runs right into his O-linemans butt. Actually though straight into it. It looked like he saw Steve Gregory, the safety coming off the corner then went straight up the middle where Wilfork had already pushed Moore back. Sanchez falls down, fumbles the ball and bam, the butt fumble is born.

So Sanchez fumbles, the Pats went on to score 35 2nd quarter points and 21 points in just 52 seconds. 52 SECONDS MAN! They scored on offense, defense and special teams to take a 35-3 lead and go on to embarrass the Jets on national TV on Thanksgiving night.

All in all, it was a great night for Pats fans and an awful night for Jets fans. That is what we all consider a typical Jets-Patriots post 2000 matchup.



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