Fire Up or Row the Boat: This Weekend in MACtion


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Fire Up or Row the Boat?

I’ve never seen a MAC football game from complete start to finish, but I do know how much this game means to the great state of Michigan.

Besides, with the who’s better: BIG 10 or SEC talk, flooding the headlines, it’s nice to unwind with some good ol’ fashioned MACtion.

Due to two devoted fan bases, the Western Michigan Broncos v.s. the Central Michigan Chippewas game was gradually gaining attention for College Gameday’s stop for game of the week.

The Chips blew it last week when they lost 49-35 to the then 0-3 Virginia Cavaliers. Way to go Central.

But in reality, it’d be silly to be too hard on the Chips because the star studded matchup between #3 Louisville @ #5 Clemson was a no brainer.

Nevertheless, Kelly/Shorts Stadium (all-time strange stadium name by the way) in Mount Pleasant, Michigan should be rocking at 7 p.m. on Saturday. Assuming that the students from both schools are still awake and fully functioning after a full day of tailgating.

While the pre-game activities will be fun for all – assuming you pace yourself – the game itself won’t be as pleasant for CMU fans.

Let’s go with the final score of WMU 38, CMU 31.

Both teams feature strong offenses with WMU averaging 43.75 points per game and CMU averaging 39.5 points per game.

They each have impressive wins on the year as well. Western knocked off BIG 10 members Northwestern and Illinois while Central went viral on Twitter after beating BIG 12 member Oklahoma State with this play that wasn’t really supposed to happen.

Although Western will be on the road in a rival opponent’s rowdy backyard, head coach P.J. Fleck – who has been a large part of WMU’s recent success – will have his team mentally prepared for the challenge and ready to execute. Not even the thrilling and invigorating  ‘Maroon Out’ will be enough to phase the Broncos.

It’s alright Central fans, you still have Andre Drummond on your side.

But at the end of the day on Oct. 1, it’ll be the Western students walking out of the stadium with their heads held high, owning bragging rights until next year.

Final Answer: Row the Boat! And crank the fight song.



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