Terrelle Pryor saying the Cleveland Browns can win out is so outrageous that I respect it.


Photo credit: Jason Bridge-USA Today sports


Earlier this week, Cleveland Browns all-around threat Terrelle Pryor said he thinks the Browns can win the rest of their games.


From “We’re so close to getting over that hump,” Pryor said, via, this week. “Once we get over that hump, I think we’re going to have a lot of success, even this year … I think we can win all the rest of the games.

He’s technically not wrong, but anyone with a fraction of functioning brain cells knows it won’t happen.

Ludicrous statement or not, I respect Pryor’s insane optimism. That’s what you have to have when you’re the only source of hope on an 0-3 team located in Cleveland, Ohio.

I can picture Pryor waking up to a breathtaking view of the thrilling body of water that is Lake Erie, with gray clouds above and saying to himself: “13-3, yeah that’s what it’ll be.”

Well Terrelle, I’m in your corner. Why not 13-3? Heck, might as well win the Super Bowl while you’re at it. Why not the Cleveland Browns? The Browns are back! You hear that Dawg Pound?!



photo from

Just kidding everyone, chill out. The Browns will be lucky to win 4 games, but Pryor’s attitude and 31 fantasy point performance (PPR) last week is enough to get him off the bench and into my starting fantasy line up this week.



Baby steps, baby steps.







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