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Review The Picks: 10/08/16-10/09/16

Packer Head Coach Mike McCarthy tosses the red flag, signaling that he is challenging the ruling on the field. Denver Broncos vs. Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin on October 2, 2011. The Green Bay Packers won 49-23. For more go to

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What a weekend!

When I chose the name ‘Beginner’s Luck’ for the weekly picks, I did it as a joke to let everyone know I am in no way an experienced or veteran sports gambler. Just someone who follows sports and has opinions.

But after this first weekend, the title couldn’t have more accurately described what happened.

Record for the Week = 7-2 or 7/9 correct or 78% correct.

Room for Improvement:

L = Notre Dame and NC State Over

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 5.31.56 PM.png


Biggest lesson learned is that factoring in weather is a MUST. This game was an absolute mudfest, and I should have known it was going to play out that way.

L = Philadelphia -3 @ Detroit

As a Lions fan I know better. Never bet for or against the Motor City Cats. No matter what side you are on, they find a way to let you down. But to be honest, it did take 2 costly turnovers from the Eagles (one being Wentz’s first ever interception) for this bet to fall through.

Free Money:

W’s = 

Sat. Oct. 8:

BYU Cougars +6 @ Michigan State: MSU continues to struggle badly. They also have a QB controversy on their hands now along with key injuries to their linebacking core. Keep an eye on their future games because they could continue to be favored too highly based on PAST success.
T A&M Aggies -6.5 vs. Tennessee Volunteers: Tennessee’s luck finally ran out. But honestly, this game was a slam dunk until the Volunteers put together a late comeback to force OT. Thankfully, the Aggies scored at the right time in OT, so they could still kick the extra point.
Vanderbilt/Kentucky 52 (u-110): Not much to say for this game, they just don’t have great offenses.
Michigan Wolverines -27.5 @ Rutgers: Poor Rutgers. This game was easy money (despite my nervousness when Michigan stalled on their first few drives).

Sun. Oct. 9:

Pittsburgh Steelers -7 vs. NY Jets: The Jets had a lead for awhile, but Big Ben, Sammie Coates deep play ability and Antonio Brown made enough plays.
Minnesota Vikings -6 vs. Houston Texans: Another slam dunk game. The Vikings keep reinforcing how much of a threat they are despite their injuries, and the Texans continue to stumble.
New England Patriots -10 vs. Cleveland Browns: Brady was back and playing dart sharp. Martellus Bennett, besides whoever betted on the Pats, was the happiest about that.
Total Tally: Assuming each line was at -110, you would have won $480 this weekend if you followed the above picks exactly.
If you took any of this advice last weekend, and you got payed, let everyone know in the comments. Also, feel free to share other smart picks you made or early picks for next weekend.
Stay tuned for next weekend’s official picks.
Make Money Get Turnt.

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