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Review The Picks: 10/14/16-10/16/16


9/7/2014 College of DuPage On September 7, 2014 COD honored Bjarne Ullsvik and naming the stadium him. Guests wich included family and friends of Ullsvik enjoyed a luncheon buffet reception under a tent outside the Stadium in front of the new sign. (Photo for College of DuPage by James C. Svehla)

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The heavy favorites weren’t so favorable this weekend. So unfavorable that I was looking like #50 pictured above by the end of Sunday.

But like the great Rocky Balboa said, “It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

giphy (10).gif

Record for the Week = 2-5 or 2/7 correct or 29% correct.

Room for Improvement:

College football in general. L’s kept flashing up across the board. Heck, 20 point favorite Virginia Tech didn’t even win the game let alone cover the spread.

The over of 53.5 in Memphis vs. Tulane lost, Clemson -17.5 lost, VT -19.5 lost and Ohio State -10 lost. The takeaway here is to bet less heavy favorites next week.

In the NFL, my Green Bay -4 pick lost as well. Shame on me for going against Dak and Zeke. Side note: if that win didn’t solidify Tony Romo not getting his job back then I don’t know what else Dak has to do.

Free Money:

W’s = 

Sun., Oct. 16:

New England Patriots -8.5 vs. Cincinnati Bengals: This pick didn’t look good in the first half, but Brady and Belichick made the right adjustments to pull away in the second half for Tom’s homecoming.
Detroit Lions vs. LA Rams over 43: This was my only slam dunk of the weekend. Case Keenum had one of the best games he’ll ever have, and the scoreboard just kept rising.
Total Week Tally: You would have lost $336 this weekend if you followed the above picks exactly.
All-Time Tally:
Week 1 = +480 – Week 2 = -336 – Total = +144
As always, feel free to comment and brag about your success from the past week or sulk about your failures. Let us know about any picks you like for the upcoming week as well, so we can all come out positive.
Stay tuned for next weekend’s official picks.
Make Money Get Turnt.

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