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Beginner’s Luck: Weekly Picks (10/21/16 – 10/24/16)


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First things first, spin the track.

Alright, so slight change in where I am getting the spreads from. I will use ESPN’s lines, and -110 will be the default bet amount for the spread or for the over/under. It will make things more consistent.

Let’s Roll.

The Picks:

giphy (11).gif

Friday, Oct. 21, 2016:

Temple +7 vs. USF (-110): Temple is home. I don’t know about either team, but this just feels like a game Temple could win. I’m basing most of my argument on the fact that Temple is always a sneaky team in the first round of March Madness. I think that translates.

California -3 vs. Oregon (-110): Cal is home. Oregon has been in a free fall this season, and I don’t think they figure things out now. The Ducks defense looks like swiss cheese.

Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016:

Central Michigan +10.5 @ Toledo (-110): CMU is 5-2 and Toledo is 5-1. CMU is on the road, but this feels like a MAC game that will come right down to the wire. #MACtion.

Wisconsin -4 @ Iowa (-110): This one makes me a little nervous since it is at Iowa. Some weird stuff happens in that part of the country when it comes to ranked teams traveling there. But after that tough loss to OSU, I solidified Wisconsin in my brain as being a legit force, and I think they will win by a touchdown in Hawkeye territory.

Kansas State -1.5 vs. Texas (-110): Remember when everyone thought Texas was back after beating Notre Dame? Me too. Kansas State by a field goal.

North Carolina -10 @ Virginia (-110): Virginia is a low tier ACC team. Even though UNC is on the road, I think they should beat them by 14.

West Virginia -6 vs. TCU (-110): WVU is undefeated, and this game is likely to be a shootout with a lot of points. In the end, I think WVU could run away with it.

Utah +7 @ UCLA (-110): Not sure if I’m missing something here, but I had to double take when UCLA was actually favored by 7 points in this game.

Cincinnati -2 vs. East Carolina (-110): Cincy at home against an average ECU team? Win by a field goal Bearcats.

LSU -6.5 vs. Ole Miss (-110): Coach O train all aboard. Touchdown victory in Death Valley.

giphy (12).gif

Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016:

Tennessee -3 vs. Indianapolis (-110): Marcus Mariota is rolling and the Colts aren’t good.

Vikings -2.5 @ Philadelphia (-110): The Vikings have yet to lose and until they do, I can’t doubt them, especially only giving up 2.5 points.

Oakland +1 @ Jacksonville (-110): Raiders are 3-0 on the road. Let’s hope they make it 4-0 this weekend.

Atlanta -6.5 vs. San Diego (-110): The Falcons continue to impress the rest of the league while the Chargers suffer from some key injuries. Falcons by 7.

Check back in a few days to see how these picks fared. Also, comment below if you disagree or if you have any other suggestions for picks.

Make Money Get Turnt. Players Only.




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