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Review The Picks: 10/21/16-10/24/16



Another week in the books and more money that could have been won if you followed the advice. Let’s review.


Record for the Week = 9-4-1 or 9/14 correct or 64% correct.

Room for Improvement:

My NFL picks. Out of the four games I picked for this weekend, I got one right.

Tennessee -3 vs. Indianapolis (-110): I only regret this pick because I forgot Indy owns Tennessee year in and year out.

Vikings -2.5 @ Philadelphia (-110): Zero regret on this pick. Sometimes you have to drink the kool-aid until it dries up, and the kool-aid man doesn’t come back with a refill.

Atlanta -6.5 vs. San Diego (-110): No regret with this one either. Atlanta had been playing solid ball lately but was forced into OT and couldn’t cover.

Central Michigan +10.5 @ Toledo (-110): The only NCAA game I picked incorrectly the whole weekend. This one looked solid in the first half, but Toledo pulled away in the 2nd at home.

giphy (15).gif

Free Money:

Temple +7 vs. USF (-110)

Wisconsin -4 @ Iowa (-110)

Kansas State -1.5 vs. Texas (-110)

North Carolina -10 @ Virginia (-110)

West Virginia -6 vs. TCU (-110)

Utah +7 @ UCLA (-110)

Cincinnati -2 vs. East Carolina (-110)

LSU -6.5 vs. Ole Miss (-110)

Oakland +1 @ Jacksonville (-110)

Great week of college football bets right there. Temple was a slam dunk at home, Wisconsin squeaked it out, K State held on, North Carolina rolled, WVU excelled, Utah was never a doubt, Cincinnati capitalized at home, LSU was feelin’ great with Coach O and Oakland beat a bad Jags team.

Total Week Tally: You would have won $460 this weekend if you followed the above picks exactly.
All-Time Tally:
Week 1 = +480 – Week 2 = -336 – Week 3 = +460 – Total = +604
As always, feel free to comment and brag about your success from the past week or sulk about your failures. Let us know about any picks you like for the upcoming week as well, so we can all come out positive.
Stay tuned for next weekend’s official picks.
Make Money Get Turnt.



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