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Beginner’s Luck: Weekly Picks (10/28/16 – 10/31/16)


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First things first, spin the track.


Happy Halloween I guess. Such an overrated holiday.

Anyways, let’s roll.

The Picks:


Friday, Oct. 28, 2016:

San Diego State U -5.5 @ Utah State (-110): SDSU has a strong running game and is a top Mountain West team.

Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016:

Kansas State -6.5 @ Iowa State (-110): K State comes off a win against Texas last week, and Iowa State is a basketball school.

Baylor -3.5 @ Texas (-110): I’m frightened by the line because a field goal makes you a loser, but Texas was never back and Baylor is undefeated.

Miami -2 @ Notre Dame (-110): Catholics vs. Convicts. I’m on the Convicts side for this one. Brian Kelly frustration is evident in South Bend.

Utah +10 @ Washington (-110): Utah worked well for me as an underdog last weekend and although they face a tougher opponent, I think their physical brand of football should keep them close.

Eastern Michigan -7 vs. Miami of Ohio (-110): EMU football isn’t terrible. Wow, that felt weird to say. #MACtion

Nebraska +9 @ Wisconsin (-110): The Badgers are legit, but I think the Cornhuskers can at least keep this one close at Camp Randall.

giphy (17).gif

Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016:

Oakland +1.5 @ Tampa Bay (-110): The Raiders are an exceptional road team, and I don’t believe in Jameis Winston.

Seattle -2.5 @ Saints (-110): Passing is the Saints strength and pass defense is what Seattle thrives on. I’ll take the defense.

Patriots -6.5 @ Buffalo (-110): No doubt it is going to be a circus in Buffalo before kickoff, but I find it hard to go against a touchdown spread for the Patriots nowadays.

Denver -5.5 vs. Chargers (-110): Denver’s defense is the real deal, and this one is at Mile High.

Dallas -4.5 vs. Philadelphia (-110): Monumental matchup and Dak Prescott is still fighting for a job, so he will have everything to prove with the whole country watching.

Minnesota -6 @ Chicago (-110): Chicago is terrible, and I think Cutler will be rusty in his return. The Vikings are looking to bounce back from their loss at Philadelphia as well.

Check back in a few days to see how these picks fared. Also, comment below if you disagree or if you have any other suggestions for picks.

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