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Sports Betting Advice (11/05/16 – 11/07/16)


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First things first, spin the track.


Shoutout to the Cubs for ending that sad sad streak.

Let’s roll.

The Picks:


Navy +7 vs. Notre Dame (Neutral Site) (-110)

Army -1 vs. Air Force (-110)

Texas Tech +3 vs. Texas (-110)

Wake Forest -2.5 vs. Virginia (-110)

South Carolina -6 vs. Missouri (-110)

Wyoming -4 vs. Utah State (-110)

I’m going with the armed forces today in Navy and Army picks. Also, I like Texas Tech to upset Texas (throwback to Michael Crabtree’s peak).

Otherwise, I think Missouri and Virginia are bad football teams and are capable of being blown out. Lastly, Wyoming is a top Mountain West team, and I’m a little nervous their line is so low versus Utah State.


Dallas -7 @ Cleveland (-110)

Kansas City Chiefs -7 vs. Jacksonville (-110)

New Orleans -3.5 @ San Francisco (-110)

Dallas and Kansas City as big favorites is risky, especially in the NFL where crazy things happen week in and week out, but Jacksonville and Cleveland are such below average teams. Also, San Francisco has been awful too. I guess I’m picking based on how bad the opponent is and not how good the actual team is.

Check back in a few days to see how these picks fared. Also, comment below if you disagree or if you have any other suggestions for picks.

Make Money Get Turnt. Players Only.




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