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Review The Picks: 11/05/16-11/07/16



The standing tally approaches a positive $1,000 after another solid week of picks.

Let’s review.


Record for the Week = 6-3 or 6/9 correct or 66.67% correct


Room for Improvement:

Army -1 vs. Air Force (-110) 
Texas Tech +3 vs. Texas (-110) 
Kansas City Chiefs -7 vs. Jacksonville (-110)


Alright, I’ve got to stop betting against Texas no matter how bad I think they actually are. Twice in a row is too much, and I refuse to be fooled a third time.

Army was a let down against Air Force, especially because it was a close game for about a half, but they collapsed when it mattered most.

Kansas City should be ashamed for not beating Jacksonville by more, but they could care less since they still got the W.


Free Money:

Navy +7 vs. Notre Dame (Neutral Site) (-110) 

Wake Forest -2.5 vs. Virginia (-110) 

South Carolina -6 vs. Missouri (-110) 
Wyoming -4 vs. Utah State (-110) 
Dallas -7 @ Cleveland (-110) 
New Orleans -3.5 @ San Francisco (-110) 
Navy did it again! Although it wasn’t that surprising considering Notre Dame isn’t even close to its normal standards. Brian Kelly hot seat alert.
Wake Forest and South Carolina both beat up on pretty weak opponents, and I think Wyoming was the steal of the century considering how low little they had to win by to cover.
In the NFL, it’s simple. Dallas destroyed a bad team and New Orleans destroyed a bad team, both on the road. Sometimes it pays to just bet against really bad teams that don’t have a lot left to play for at this point in the NFL season.
Total Week Tally: You would have won $270 this weekend if you followed the above picks exactly.
All-Time Tally:
Week 1 = +480 – Week 2 = -336 – Week 3 = +460 – Week 4 = +40 – Week 5 = +270 – Total = +914
As always, feel free to comment and brag about your success from the past week or sulk about your failures. Let us know about any picks you like for the upcoming week as well, so we can all come out positive.
Stay tuned for next weekend’s official picks.
Make Money Get Turnt.
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