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About Philip Tor

img_1528Before I begin discussing my life and thoughts on the sports world, I should let you know that I have a bias that will (hopefully) never go away.

I was born in the city of Boston on October 17th 1996, and on that day I adopted a love for the best sports city on this planet. I don’t care where you live, you will never know the craze my city has for its teams. I will ride or die with my Red sox, my Patriots, my Celtics, and my Bruins.

I would say my love for sports began around the time I was 4, when my Father took me out into the yard and taught me how to swing a bat and throw a baseball. He tried to mold my swing and throw like that of Carlton Fisk, his favorite Red Sox player when he was growing up. After that day I began to research and research old Red Sox players and games. Eventually that passion I had for sports spread to football, then to basketball, and then to hockey. Every morning before school I would sit down at the counter while I ate my breakfast and check how my teams did the night before.  I would analyze box scores to see if my favorite players David Ortiz, or Paul Pierce preformed the previous night.

You get the point, I love Boston sports. I love the legends, the banners, and the camaraderie. But what I love most about Boston sports?

They taught me how to love and appreciate sports.

I love sports for a number of reasons. I love the competition, the passion of the fans, and the emotion that comes out of sports. Sports relate with everyone and are involved in our everyday lives.

If I know one thing about myself it is that I cannot live without sports.


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