Different views about Super Bowl Sunday

NGR Stadium, the site of Super Bowl LI. Photo from Wikimedia Commons. Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike 2.0 Generic.


Everyone watches the Super Bowl for a different reason it seems like. Even if one’s favorite team fails to qualify, their eyes will be glued to a television screen for roughly four hours.

This year, Super Bowl LI featured a historic New England Patriots comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. Phil Tor, Zach Horrall and Brandon Harris, three students at Butler University, all viewed the game differently.

Tor, a Patriots fan, suffered a range of emotions during the game, but justice was the ending theme.

“Our [Patriots fans] moment of pride will be when Goodell hands us this trophy,” Tor said referencing the tensions between NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and New England, which resulted from Deflategate.

Horrall, an avid NASCAR fan, suggested the spectacle meant something completely different.

“The Super Bowl means that the Daytona 500 is only a few weeks away,” Horrall said after seeing an ad for the big race run during a commercial break.”It’s a sign NASCAR season is near.”

Harris, a fan of the Seattle Seahawks, focused more on past Super Bowl memories when the Seahawks either won or lost.

“If the Seahawks make the Super Bowl again, I’m watching it at home,” Harris said. “Whenever I watch them play in it, with friends, they lose.”

The big game evokes different thoughts for many, but no matter the reason or reactions, people enjoy watching the event.


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