Power rankings of athletes on social media

Social media logos. Photo from Wikimedia Commons. Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike 4.0 International.


Here is the list for the Top 10 athletes on social media:

  1. Conor McGregor

He is number one on the list because he has helped grow the sport of UFC in many ways. One way he has been able to do this is through his 3.4 million Twitter following. On his account, he gives people insight into his training as well as his luxury filled lifestyle. Lastly, he is known for stirring up controversy on social media as well, which gets his fans talking often.

  1. Kobe Bryant

Kobe’s social media presence has taken off now that he is officially retired. His account ranks this high because he has a unique perspective of an athlete who was just removed from the game and is trying to get into the media business with his KOBE Inc. company. His insights on social media deliver plenty of value.

  1. Chad Johnson

Despite being non-existent in the NFL for awhile, Johnson has been able to reach 3.61 million followers because of how active he is. Also, his humor is top notch, so he is able to get his old fans interested.

  1. Tom Brady

Brady’s presence is more pronounced on Facebook. He has been known to post funny and self-deprecating photos, and he isn’t afraid to make bold statements. A recent example is of him posting photos of his pick six as well as declaring Tuesday a day off from work in Boston for the parade.

  1. Pat McAfee

McAfee cracks the Top 10 because of his humor. His dream is to be an entertainer/comedian because that route pulled him away from a successful NFL punting career. His stock also rose when he was completely transparent about what he thought of the Colts GM changes.

  1. Marquette King

Another NFL punter makes the list because King is fresh onto the scene. His popularity is rising due to his on field dancing as well as posting of funny videos of himself online. He tweets about everything from other NFL games to problems with women.

  1. Justin Verlander

The Detroit Tigers pitcher makes the rankings because he isn’t afraid to speak his mind on Twitter. Furthermore, he uses normally one hashtag per tweet, which only helps his audience numbers rise. He sits at just over 1 million followers currently.

  1. Brett Anderson

This under the radar pitcher for the Chicago Cubs is debatably the funniest tweeter on this whole list, but due to his lack of stardom, he only has 64,000 followers. He’s not afraid to joke around, stir up the pot and tweet about topics outside of the realm of sports.

  1. Jason Kipnis

Kipnis, a member of the Cleveland Indians, registers near the end of the list because his follow count isn’t eye popping (232,000) but his humor is also above average. He has shown he is not afraid to joke around on Twitter, even if it means taking a playful jab at a fellow teammate.

  1. Brothers Chris Long and Kyle Long

Rounding out the list are these two NFL brothers. The reasoning behind this is that both aren’t afraid to tell the truth/tell it like it is on social media. They appeal to the common NFL fan because they allow themselves to be humble and relatable even though they make large amounts of money.


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