Top 10 Athletes on Social Media

  1. Chad Ochocinco
    1. Chad Ochocinco is the main reason why the NFL adopted different social media policies and regulations on game days. His lack of filter and hot takes has helped his following grow to 3.61 million on twitter.
  2. Tom Brady
    1. 1.7 million instagram followers in just 4 weeks
    2. Nearly 5 million facebook followers
    3. Brady uses these platforms to connect with fans because of his lack of interaction with the media. Regularly posts funny videos and pictures for his fans. His instagram page which was set up just 4 weeks ago, already has 1.7 million followers. Brady gives his fans a look into his personal life that he has kept under wraps for most of his career. He also uses these platforms to launch his brand (TB12) and sell his products.
  3. Antonio Brown
    1. 788k twitter followers, 1.6 million IG followers
    2. Antonio Brown’s social media presence has been controversial of recent with his facebook live video of Mike Tomlin talking smack about the Patriots going viral. Despite his recent mix ups, Brown has had great success with his pages. He has gained a giant following and spread his name across the country, becoming a household name thanks to his videos and comical tweets.
  4. JJ Watt
    1. JJ Watt has never once tweeted or posted anything controversial. His social media accounts have been used to promote himself and his line of Reebok shoes and apparel.
  5. Derek Jeter
    1. Jeter uses his platforms to spread his turn 2 foundation and to try and help other people by using his popularity. Jeter does not use his pages to brag about his achievements or his life, he was never that type of person. Jeter has focused on giving back to his community and his people.  
  6. Johnny Manziel
    1. Johnny Manziel’s social media presence took a 180 degree turn from his time in college to his time in the pros. When he was at Texas A&M, he used his name and accounts to sky rocket his popularity. The success of his team helped that success blossom into a Heisman Trophy and a selection in the first round of the NFL draft. Since his draft day, Manziel’s life has run off the tracks with his name being caught up in every controversy imaginable. Most of his encounters on social media show him drinking and partying on the weekends when he has preached that he is going sober and staying away from the parties that demolished his career. Now saying he wants to begin a comeback to the NFL Manziel is using his accounts to try and win back some of the followers and fans he has lost.
  7. Julian Edelman
    1. Edelman went from a no-name seventh round pick to one of the most popular athletes in Boston sports. His social media interaction is a big part of this rise in popularity. Edelman has launched his brand (JE11) in Boston and surrounding areas much like his mentor and best friend Tom Brady. He uses his instagram pages and twitter to bring customers into his stores and buy his merchandise.
  8. David Ortiz
    1. Ortiz took over the city of Boston in his 13 years as a member of the Red Sox. He frequently used twitter and other social media site to interact with fans, especially victims of the marathon bombings in 2013. The fact is that Ortiz’s tweets and posts were what made Boston fall in love with him.
  9. Curt Schilling
    1. Curt Schilling is the poster child of controversy and attacking on twitter. Schilling is very politically active, he has no boundaries and no limit to what he will do or say. This is how he has remained in the news throughout his retirement
  10. Dwight Howard
    1. Another guy who will never shy away from the twitter haters. Howard constantly fights back to mean tweets and will always defend himself even when he may be in the wrong.

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