Why I’m Slowly Starting To Dislike Steph Curry

With each passing day, I find myself disliking Steph Curry more and more. And it is not because of anything he can control.

Actually, he has one habit that annoys me. That shimmy he does after he makes a big 3 pointer is something I don’t care for. However, this semi-occurring harmless celebration is not enough to drive my growing dislike for him.

The main source of my anger comes from the media. Specifically, their overwhelming and extreme coverage of him.

Now, I realize that comes off as sounding rather ridiculous but let me explain and provide some examples of what I mean.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 7.23.32 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 7.24.56 PM.png

I stumbled upon this the other day, and I had to do a double take. A whole web page on ESPN for Steph Curry. I think that fits into the “extreme” category.

This is only one example, and I am all for over the top tweets with some emojis tossed in but ones regarding Steph have become too much.

Steph has been dominant for awhile now. Those tweets and general excitement are understandable when he started to breakout in the NBA and when he hits ridiculous shots, but we don’t need them every night for a routine 3 pointer.

Everyone gets the point. He’s a great shooter. He’s wet. He’s locked in. He keeps it 100. He’s a major key to success. But it has gotten to the point, at least I feel, where almost nothing Steph does on the court surprises me anymore. I enjoy watching him play, but I’m not shocked and compelled to tweet when he hits a number of 3’s in a row because we’ve seen him do that time and time again.

And that is all a testament to how great he has been thus far in the NBA (and for a tourney run at Davidson).

So let’s all agree to tone down the Steph Curry mania on the Internet and just enjoy his play. That way, we (as in non-GS fans) don’t all grow to get sick and tired of him because I’m about half way there.


2 thoughts on “Why I’m Slowly Starting To Dislike Steph Curry

  1. I still find myself mostly rooting for Curry but you make a lot of good points. Sports media is so saturated with Curry stuff it’s kind of refreshing to see somebody actually question it. Good stuff. Looking forward to following your blog!


  2. i feel as if the media babies curry so much. when he has a good game he’s totally healthy but when he has a bad game then he has a injury. the media is lopsided on curry. to his defense , the other players in the nba dont defend him as much but thats expected because i dont know who would respect the man who continues to put up buckets on you . i also post sports related content, swing by if you get a chance and drop a follow . amazing post you got my folloow


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